corona virus holland netherlands Корона вирус Холандия Нидерландия

Future corona lockdowns will be local rather than national, says safety board chief

Corona virus Holland Netherlands. Future outbreaks of coronavirus are more likely to contained by local lockdowns. This should be much more effective than, the kind of blanket measures introduced in March. This is what head of the regional safety councils association Hubert Bruls commented.

Only last week Bruls told Nieuwsuur that a local lockdown wouldn’t make much sense. In addition, he said that a regional lockdown ‘would not work’.  You can really only tell people to self-isolate if there is an infection, in a company, a home, which you can close off. Imposing measures locally is difficult,’ public broadcaster NOS quoted him as saying. His claim was supported by national health institute RIVM and health minister Hugo de Jonge.

But on Tuesday Bruls appeared to change his tune. This happened after he emerged from the final scheduled meeting of regional safety boards on Tuesday evening. The meeting topic was limiting new outbreaks.

Corona virus Holland Netherlands

We know much more than four months ago, therefore will not have to take measures that will affect the whole country.’ Furthermore, Bruls said that “outbreaks are easier to detect early now that more testing is being carried out”.

Bruls emphasized the importance of contact tracing to locate infected people. He also said that measures must prevent the whole country to go into lockdown for months on end ‘a horror scenario’.

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