Are you an Employer looking to hire starters/skilled/experienced/executive European personnel for your short or long-term projects? Certainly, we can be of help!

Our database is composed of candidates working in the areas of:

Production; Manufacturing; Logistic (warehouse workers); Tourism; Technicians; Automotive (mechanics, painters, panel beaters; tyreswitchers); Agriculture; Administrative/office (assistants, coordinators, receptionist, etc.)

*Need employees willing to work in another area and/or with specific skills? Likewise, we would be happy to recruit for your specific sector too!

We recruit not only Bulgarians, but all European nationalities.

Meaning, you can expect to receive not only Bulgarians, but also: Romanians, Greeks, Portuguese, Spanish, Latvian, Lithuanian, Polish, Italians, Hungarians.

We can guarantee you that:

1. After receiving your request we can locate, confirm and provide you a feedback about the right employee(s) within 5 working days.
1.1. We stay in touch with the candidates. Therefore, it is also possible that they may be already in your country, in other words arrive at your location in a short notice.
2. We will double check the all necessary documents and as a result you shall receive them upfront.
3. Above all, we can work swiftly and efficiently based on your specific requirements, as we know the importance of that.

Additional benefits by working with us:

-Less administrative work for you, in short this means you will have more time to plan your next business move.
-We can require criminal or medical record of the candidates if that is necessary for you.

-We can pre-screen and pre-interview; ask and request specific details on your behalf.
-Dedicated recruiter/coordinator throughout the selection process and during the employment period of the worker.

Here is how it's done:

1. Firtsly, we need you to send us detailed information about the vacancy along with the requirements/qualifications of the candidates. You can use the submission form below or just send us the job offer in a suitable for you form.
2. We check our database and after that we select suitable candidate(s) and send you the CV(s) for revision.
3. If needed additionally, we can arrange you a phone/video interview with the chosen candidate(s).
4. When you are happy with pre-selected candidates, we shall help them book a travel ticket to your location/office, to ensure the smooth process.
 5. We will send you a booking confirmation of the chosen transportation . Along the process of traveling, we will keep you updated about the expected date and time of arrival

Hire skilled European personnel now! Contact us for more details.

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