Job Locations in The Netherlands

These are the locations where we mostly offer jobs. It is also possible that we have a job, which is not in this list, so feel free to send us your specific request for a job location. 
DJOBS has available positions in these branches:

🗼Construction 🏗 (fitters, welders (tig/mig mag), steel fixers, iron workers, pipefitters, facade professionals- curtain wall/steel fitter, window frame fitter, carpenters, etc.)

🚗 Automotive 🔧 (mechanic (car or truck), painter, panelbeating, tyreswitchers, etc.)

 📦 Logistics 🗒 (order pickers; expedition; forklift/reach truck/clamp truck/EPT drivers, etc.)

👨‍🏭 Technics 🛠 (CNC operators, bending machine operators, assembly employees, maintenance mechanics, etc.)

🏭 Production 🍪 (cookie factory;  loader/unloader of containers; simple assembly jobs; packing and repackaging, etc.)

Some general requirements for the candidates:

  1. We work only with European citizens or people holding legal European documents. 
  2. You should speak a foreign language like English, German, Dutch, Polish, Romanian (level A2+). Vary rarely we have job offers where language skills are not required. *In case you don’t speak the above-mentioned languages, sometimes it’s still possible to get hired. This is possible when you are in a group where there is at least 50% of the people speaks EN/DE/NL/PL. Job locations Netherlands Holland.
  3. Valid driving license can be a big advantage for you.

General information about the provinces in The Netherlands. The country divided into twelve provinces, each under a King’s Commissioner (Commissaris van de Koning). Informally in Limburg province this position is named Governor (Gouverneur). All provinces are divided into municipalities (gemeenten), of which there are 352 (2021).

The country is also subdivided into 21 water districts, governed by a water board (waterschap or hoogheemraadschap), each having authority in matters concerning water management. The creation of water boards actually pre-dates that of the nation itself, the first appearing in 1196. The Dutch water boards are among the oldest democratic entities in the world still in existence. Job locations Netherlands Holland. Direct elections of the water boards take place every four years.

How to use the map:
🔧 (wrench) and 🗼(tower) represents Construction jobs
🚛 (truck) represents Logistics jobs
🏭 (factory) represents Production jobs 
(automotive) represent car or truck mechanic; car painter; car panel beater; car preparator jobs

By clicking on the icons, you will see what kind of jobs are offered in the area.

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