Job Locations in The Netherlands

These are the locations where we mostly offer jobs. It is also possible that we have a job, which is not in this list, so feel free to send us your specific request for a job location. 

DJOBS has available positions in these branches:

🧳 Hospitality  ☀️ Cooks, Bartenders, Waiters, Housekeepres, Dishwashers, etc.

 📦 Logistics 🗒 order pickers; expedition; forklift/reach truck/clamp truck/EPT drivers, etc.

🗼Construction 🏗  fitters, welders (tig/mig mag), steel fixers, iron workers, pipefitters, facade professionals- curtain wall/steel fitter, window frame fitter, carpenters, etc.

👨‍🏭 Technics 🛠 CNC operators, bending machine operators, assembly employees, maintenance mechanics, etc.

🏭 Production 🍪 cookie factory;  loader/unloader of containers; simple assembly jobs; packing and repackaging, etc.

Some general requirements for the candidates:

  1. We work only with European citizens or people holding legal European documents. 
  2. You should speak a foreign language like English, German, Dutch, Polish, Romanian (level A2+). Vary rarely we have job offers where language skills are not required. *In case you don’t speak the above-mentioned languages, sometimes it’s still possible to get hired. This is possible when you are in a group where there is at least 50% of the people speaks EN/DE/NL/PL. Job locations Netherlands Holland.
  3. Valid driving license can be a big advantage for you.

💰 Salary expectations:
(fitters, welders, steel fixers, etc.) between 450-720 EUR NET PER WEEK (after all taxes, insurance, etc.)* DEPENDING on the position and experience❗
–Production, Logistics, etc.
  350-450 NET per week (after all taxes, house, etc.); *DEPENDING on the shift bonuses and overtime

🏠 Accommodation: Free and single room for Pro. Construction workers
-Paid by the workers and double room for Production/Logistics workers
*Shared kitchenette and living room for both options

How to use the map:

🍴 (fork and knife) represents the Hospitality jobs– Cooks, Bartenders, Waiters, Housekeeping
🔧 (wrench) and 🗼(tower) represents Construction jobs
🚛 (truck) represents Logistics jobs
🏭 (factory) represents Production jobs 

By clicking on the icons, you will see what kind of jobs are offered in the area.
Each type of icon/color represents a different company/agency (different conditions)

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