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🇳🇱 WORK in the NETHERLANDS 🇳🇱 Logistics, Construction, Production, Technical, Automotive❕Only for EU citizens❗Vacancies, applying link and more info below 🔽

📦 Logistics 🗒 Jobs with start/arrival this week. Driving license is preferred, but not a must. Weekly payment.
5 Forklift or Reach truck drivers; 2 Clamp truck drivers,  Etten-Leur
20+ Warehouse employees: Order pickers (with or without EPT experience); Pickers/Packers; General warehouse workers. Locations: Oostrum, Heijen, Amsterdam, Etten-leur, Veghel, Woerden, Oosterhout, Waalwijk, Uden, Barendrecht, Middenbeemster, Hendrik-ido-Ambacht, Waddinxveen, Breda, Deventer, Vianen, Tilburg, Berkel, Nieuwegein, Hertogenbosch, Best, Almelo


🏗 Construction (fitters, welders, steel fixers)🗼; Start: ASAP
2 Electricians,  Uden, Bowen, etc.
4+ Tig/Mig Mag/Aluminium Welders,  Locations: Uden, Woerden, Vlaardingen, Heijningen, Aalst
1 Bending machine operator,  Made
3 Aluminium platers (at the workshop), Uden, Lekkerkerk, Bowen
*Bricklayers,  Plasterers, Tilers, Plumbers, Steel fixers are always welcome. Start: ASAP

🗼Facade construction workers 🏗 :
*Steel facade fitter/cladders or Roofers;
*Assembly (production) workers OR montage(fitting)- PVC/Aluminium/Wood window frames;
Start: ASAP, Work locations: Goedereede, Haarlem, Zuidbrook, Breda, Velsen, Genemuiden, etc.


❗ NOTE: All technical, production and automotive jobs below this line are with payment on a monthly basis (every 4 weeks; no delays; advance payment possible) ⬇
👨‍🏭 Technical ‍🛠 Start: ASAP
– 2 Galvanization workers, Veldhoven
– 5 Production workers (wooden doors, window frames), Groesbeek
– 2 Blasters (industrial blasting with sand), Helmond and Tilburg
– 2 Grinders (production)-little experience, Veldhoven
– 2 Mechanics and hydraulic assembly workers, Ijsselstein
– One 3D Measurement technician, Tilburg
– 2 Sprayer/painter (floorboards, etc.), Ravenstein and Groesbeek
– 1 Interior builder (wood working, metal machines), Den Bosch
– 1 Assembler of conveyor belts,  Almere
– 2 Assembly or repair worker of bicycles (ebikes), Dongen
– 2 Production or assembly workers skylight roofs, Uden


🏭 Production/General workers 🧹 ; Start: ASAP
🧇 2+ General workers in a cookie factory 🍪, Hardewijk 
🚧 2+ Production and preparing workers (road signs) 🚦 Helvoirt
🦾 3+ Loader/unloader of containers 🚛, Different locations in NL

🚗 Automotive 🔧; Start: ASAP
– 20+ Car damage employees: Preparators, Panelbeaters, Painters, All-rounders, Start: ASAP. Some locations are: Rotterdam, Veghel, Werkendam, Huizen, Tilburg, Heerlen, Veldhoven, Zwaag, Rotterdam, Waalwijk, Hilversum, Alphen, Schijndel, Zwaag, Horst

– 2 Truck and trailers mechanics,  Heijen, Nijmegen
– 1 Machine mechanic (industrial machines), Goes
– 1 Wheel/Rims painter, Uden
– 3 Car cleaners and polishers, Schijndel


💰 Salary expectations:
(fitters, welders, steel fixers, etc.), Automotive, Technical, etc. between 450-720 EUR NET PER WEEK (after all taxes, insurance, etc.)* DEPENDING on the position and experience❗
–Production, Logistics,
etc.  300-450 NET per week (after all taxes, house, etc.); *DEPENDING on the shift bonuses and overtime

🏠 Accommodation: Free or Paid. Single or Double room. Shared kitchenette / living room- DEPENDING on the position ❗ 

▶️ 📨 VACANCIES❕Only for EU citizens❗To APPLY, visit our website and fill-in the Quiz found at “Jobs and Applying” page. Link below ⬇️

🔶 WANT TO APPLY? Please, read below ⬇

Please answer all questions in a detailed and accurate manner. Candidates who do not answer the questions will be automatically rejected. After we receive your Quiz we will contact you back with more information, as soon as we can.
Note: some questions are obligatory (must answer). Thank you in advance!

1. Your names (first and last name), please:
2. Your full phone contact number, please:Also include your country dial code (example: +31 NL; +359 BG; +40 RO,  etc.)
3. Your email, please:
4. Where are you located now? Country and city/village name?*In case you are not in the Netherlands, how and when are you planning to travel to the Netherlands? (By bus/plane/car)
5. Do you already have a job? When would you like to start your new job, if approved?
6. Do you have a driving license? Are you an active driver?
7. Do you have BSN number?Have you worked in the Netherlands before?
8. What is your nationality? Are you a European citizen?

Only European citizens can apply!
Nationalities outside of Europe: In case you have permanent EU citizenship, you can also apply.  In case you have valid work permit especially for the Netherlands, you can apply. DJOBS CAN’T help you receive EU citizenship or work visa.

9. Do you have any certificates/courses completed? This can be of great advantage for your application.

-Our clients are mostly interested if you have: Safety- VCA, SCC, etc.; Warehouse: Forklift, EPT, Reach truck. Construction: Welding, High altitude worker, Electrician, etc.
In case you have other ones, you can also send them to us for review.

Allowed files: Text, Image, PDF, Doc, Excel. Up to 20MB

10. Do you have any preference for a job sector or position?
11. Upload your CV here, please.

Allowed files: Text, Image, PDF, Doc, Excel. Up to 20MB

*In case you can’t upload , you can send it to email
**If you don’t have a CV, but you want to create one, you can use our easy to fill free forms (examples included). Follow this link:

12. Any additional information you want to share with us?Do you apply alone?
Alternative way of contacting you (social medias)?

13. In case you are approved, do you need bed sheets or work shoes?Working shoes must have hard tip (metal or composite nose). This is a must for all companies in the Netherlands.
14. In case you decide to send us the above mentioned information/documents, this means that you give us permission to use your personal data. It will be used only for the purposes of human resources (finding a suitable job for you) and offering you tax refund services, through our sole partner. For additional information, visit this page: In case you do not agree, we cannot process your application further (we can’t offer you job).
Robot/spam check. Enter the short code shown above in the field below.*Using small and BIG letters matters.
15. Reminder to send us your CV.

For direct messaging (messenger) you can use our Facebook page or find other ways to contact us at this page.

Above all, we strongly suggest that you check all required documents on our Workers page. At this page you can also find some frequently asked questions. Additionally, you can also check some general guidelines if you click here. Jobs Netherlands Work Holland.

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