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🇳🇱 WORK in the NETHERLANDS 🇳🇱 ❗ Safe countries list (no quarantine) below ❕ Vacancies list, applying link and more info below 🔽

🏗 Construction (fitters)🗼
– 1 CNC Operator, DL is a must; car preferable. Start: ASAP, Goedereede
– 2 Construction workers (laying steel plate floors), Start: ASAP, Haarlem
– 5 Assembly production workers- PVC/Aluminium, Start: ASAP, Zuidbrook
– 1 Window frames fitter- Aluminium/Wood/Plastic/PVC, Start: ASAP, Breda
– 1 Service employee (repair window frames, etc.), Start: ASAP, Location: Troughout the NL
– 4 Steel facade fitter/cladders or Roofers, Start: Every week, Location: Velsen, Genemuiden


📦 Logistics 🗒
Jobs with start/arrival around: 19.06.21. Driving license is preferred, but not a must.
– 4 Forklift or Reach truck drivers. Locations: Heijen, Tilburg, Woerden, Vianen, Barendrecht, Venray
– 2 Clamb truck drivers, Start: ASAP, Etten-Leur
– 60+ Warehouse employees: Order pickers (with or without EPT experience); Pickers/Packers; General warehouse workers. Locations: Oostrum, Heijen, Amsterdam, Etten-leur, Veghel, Woerden, Oosterhout, Waalwijk, Uden, Barendrecht, Middenbeemster, Hendrik-ido-Ambacht, Waddinxveen, Breda, Deventer, Vianen, Tilburg, Berkel, Nieuwegein, Hertogenbosch


❗ NOTE: All the jobs below this line are with payment on a monthly (every 4 weeks; no delays; advance payment possible) basis ⬇
👨‍🏭 Technical ‍🛠
– 1 Assembly worker (golf buggies), Start: ASAP, Heijen
– 2 TIG welders, Start: ASAP, Venray
– 4 Grinder (general production empl.), Start: ASAP, De Run and Venray
– 1 Assembly mechanic (modules and machines), Start: ASAP, Venray
– 1 Production workers in metal coating company (simple prod. tasks), Start: ASAP, De Meern (Utrecht)
– 1 CNC turner/miller, Start: ASAP, Uden
-1 Aluminium welder and assembler of trailers, Start: ASAP, Wanroij
– 1 Electro-hydraulic assemble worker, Start: 29.05.21, Wanroij
– 1 Spray painter, Start: ASAP, Ravenstein
– 1 Assembler of conveyor belts, Start: ASAP, Horst
– 1 Inpacker/assistant assembler (plints), Start: ASAP, Ravenstein

📦 Logistics 🗒
– 15+ EPT/Forklift/Reach truck employees, Start: ASAP, Helmond
– 3 Forklift drivers, 1 Reach truck, 5 VAS, 1 EPT employee, 5 Order pickers – Samsung warehouse, Tilburg, Start: ASAP
– 3 Warehouse workers, Start: ASAP, Velp
– 1 Expedition workers (mostly night shifts), Start: 10.05, Lijden
– 6 Order pickers, Albert Heijn in Amsterdam (Driving license preferred), Start: ASAP

🥦 Production 🥗 *15+ Production workers; salads company. Work may be in various departments: packing meals, cleaning vegetables, cutting/peeling vegetables or fruits, etc. Start: Every week, Helmond
* 10+ Production operators (key functions); salads company. Start: ASAP, Helmond
🚗 Automotive 🔧
– 25+ Car damage employees: Preparators, Panelbeaters, Painters, All-rounders, Start: ASAP. Some locations are: Rotterdam, Veghel, Werkendam, Huizen, Tilburg, Heerlen, Veldhoven, Zwaag, Rotterdam, Waalwijk, Hilversum, Alphen, Schijndel, Zwaag, Horst

– 1 Car polisher/cleaner, Start: ASAP, Veldhoven
– 1 Industrial painter, Start: ASAP, Nijmegen 

🟩 Safe countries/regions within the EU/Schengen area:
Austria; Bulgaria;  Croatia (From 17 June onwards), apart from the Sjeverna Hrvatska region including Zagreb; Cyprus (from 17 June onwards); Czech Republic; Finland; France: the island Corsica only; Germany; Greece: the South Aegean Region (from 17 June onwards); Hungary; Iceland; Ireland; Italy, including Sicily; Greece: the North Aegean Region and the Ionian Islands Region only; Liechtenstein (from 17 June onwards); Luxembourg; Malta; Norway; Portugal (including the Azores and Madeira); Poland; Romania; Slovakia; Spain: the Balearic Islands and the Canary Islands only; Switzerland 🟩

◻ Overall info:
💰 Salary: Between 300 and 550 EUR NET per week (based on 40 hours)- DEPENDING on the position ❗ Some jobs have possibility for overtime and/or shift bonuses.
🏠 Accommodation: Free or Paid. Single or Double room. Shared kitchenette / living room- DEPENDING on the position ❗ 

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Please answer all questions in a detailed and accurate manner. Candidates who do not answer the questions will be rejected. Note that some questions are obligatory (must answer). Thank you in advance!

1. What are you names (first and last name)?
2. Please, provide us with your contact number:Include your country dial code (example: +31 Netherlands, +359 Bulgaria, +40 Romania,  etc.)
3. Please, provide us with your email:
4. Where are you located now? Country and city/village name?*In case you are not in the Netherlands, how and when are you planning to travel to the Netherlands? (By bus/plane/car)
5. What is your availability?When would you like to start your new job, if approved?
6. Do you have a driving license? Are you an active driver?*Do you have a private car and availability to drive it in the Netherlands?
7. Do you have BSN number?Have you worked in the Netherlands before?
8. What is your nationality? Are you a European citizen?*In case you are not an EU citizen, do you have a valid work permit or residency for the Netherlands?
9. Do you have any certificates/courses completed? This can be of great advantage for your application.

-Our clients are mostly interested if you have: Safety- VCA, SCC, etc.; Warehouse: Forklift, EPT, Reach truck. In case you have other ones, you can also send them to us for review.

Allowed files: Text, Image, PDF, Doc, Excel. Up to 20MB

10. Do you have any preference for a job sector or position?Do you have some specific skills related to the position/previous work experience on the position you are interested.
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14. Are you going to need Bed sheets and Working shoes, in case you are approved?Working shoes must have hard tip (metal or composite nose). This is a must for all companies in the Netherlands. Note, the cost for these will be deducted from your first salary. The costs are with reduced rates for you.
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