processing your personal data

Processing your personal data. For the purposes of the human resources management, we process your personal data, therefore providing the services you are requesting.

Firstly, In the course of human resources management, we may ask you to provide us with documents, such as personal identification data/document, education and qualification data, health data, contact details. Other data required by special laws governing the employment relationships processes. More information about the needed documents in general, may be found on our Workers page.

Secondly, in order to be able to mediate and perform our services, we collect and process only the personal data that the law requires. The data will be stored within the time limits specified by the labor and social security legislation. Above all, we shall never use your data for any other purposes except for the purposes of Human Resources and/or services you already requested from us.

The recruitment procedures respect and follow the requirements of the special laws governing this activity.

During the selection procedure, we  may ask you to send us originals or notarized copies of documents, therefore attesting to your physical and mental condition. We may also require from you document of qualification and length of service for a specific position held. The data of the applicant who is not approved for an appointment may request his documents to be returned in 30 days. The latest date of requesting a returning of the documents is 1 day before the final completion of the selection. As a result, DJOBS will return and/or delete/destroy the documents the way they were initially submitted.

By applying and sending your documents to us you declare that you are familiar with:
1. The purpose and means of processing your personal data
2. The name and address of the institution as well as the name and position of the data processor
3. The candidate declares that all details on the questionnaire have been disclosed voluntarily and that DJOBS requires those details for the possible offer of a (temporary) job.
4. The candidate grants permission for the processing of his/her personal data by DJOBS insofar that processing is necessary for the execution of the recruitment procedure, including the disclosure of that data to potential employers, now and in the future (until the candidate himself specifically instruct us, in a written form, to delete the collected files/personal data).